Online Services for week commencing 31st May

The Sunday Service and Midweek Reflection videos below are from the week commencing 31st May 2020.

Sunday Service – 31st May 2020

An inclusive service for Pentecost from churches in the Worth Valley.

Midweek Reflection – 3rd June 2020

Featuring a short sermon from Bishop Toby celebrating this time of Pentecost. Please could you read these passages from the Bible before watching the video: John 20:19-23 and Acts 2:1-21.

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Archive: Online services and reflections

During the Coronavirus pandemic we are providing various services and reflections online. The videos below are those published up until 27th May 2020.

Midweek Reflection – 27th May 2020

“A short meditation on a holy site,” by our Rector, Rev Peter Mullins, is our Midweek Reflection for this week.

Sunday Service – 24th May 2020

An inclusive service of Hope from churches in the Worth Valley.

Midweek Reflection – 20th May 2020

Garth Hewitt would have been performing on the evening of 20th May at St Michael’s but his concert has been postponed. Rev Peter Mullins reflects on one of Garth’s songs, ‘Light a Candle in the Darkness.’ Thanks to Garth for giving us permission to include his song in this video.

Sunday Service – 17th May 2020

An inclusive Sunday Service from churches in the Worth Valley.

A Celebration of Animals in Creation – 16th May 2020

View on Facebook at this link:

This was recorded at the end of April and the HART animals were due to visit St Gabriel’s in Stanbury on 2nd May. We will invite them again once it’s safe to do so.

Midweek Reflection – 14th May 2020

This week’s Midweek Reflection is Evening Prayer (Common Worship), which is brought to you by the Rev Anthony Bennett.

Sunday Service – 10th May 2020

An inclusive Sunday Service from churches in the Worth Valley.

Midweek Reflection – 6th May 2020

This week’s Midweek Reflection on The Good Shepherd is brought to you by the Rev Peter Mullins.

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Help needed from our young people and children!

As well as being Pentecost next Sunday, it’s also West Lane Baptist Church’s Sunday School Anniversary, so we have an exciting opportunity to celebrate the roles our young people and children play in the life of our church community across the Worth Valley!

In our weekly 10.30 Sunday service (on 31st May) there’ll be opportunities for our younger friends to read from the Bible, write and/or say prayers. If you’d like to jump straight in and do some activities, follow the instructions below from Hannah Hickman, who is working with Rev Anthony Bennett to provide our online ActiveZone resources and activities.

If you’d like to join in with reading and/or prayers please email Anthony before Friday morning (29th May) at or text him on 07917165178.

Message from Hannah @ActiveZone

Hi everyone,

The service theme is Pentecost, where one of the readings includes the line “the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house… All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them”

Would you like to do a couple of things for me, on this theme, it would be fantastic if you could. You can do both, or just one of them:

1. Create a Blow Painting – like this one:
Displaying Blow-Painting-with-a-Straw-Square-680.png
– Mix some water into your paint to make it runny.
– Put a blob of the paint mixture in the middle of the paper.
– Blow the paint using your straw to make a spiky pattern.
– You can add details to it, using pen, after the paint has dried
Be creative!

2. Make a pin wheel – like this one
Displaying kc_pinwheel-393x360.jpg
– Start out by cutting two identical squares from paper or card.
– You can leave the squares plain or colour and draw some patterns or designs onto them
– Cut out both paper squares.
– Glue the undecorated sides of the squares together. Remember to apply glue not just along the edges, but on the entire back area of the squares.
– Cut along the 4 diagonals of the square. Cut the square halfway to the centre.
– Gather the four corners towards the centre without creasing the paper. You may glue the ends in place or just hold them together with your hand as you do the next step.
– Insert a pin at the centre. If you did not glue the ends of the paper in Step 6, the pin should hold all four ends together. Wiggle the pin around to make the hole a bit larger.
– Push the pin onto a pencil’s eraser. Don’t push on too tight to allow the pinwheel to spin more freely. *As an option, you may put a bead or small button between the paper and the eraser. This helps the pinwheel rotate better and prevents the pin’s point from going through the other side of the eraser.
– Finally, try blowing at the edges of the pinwheel to make it spin. Loosen the pin a bit if the blades do not rotate well.

If you can email some photos of your creations and any thoughts you have while making them, that would be fantastic. Please send before Friday morning (29th May) to

We’ll include the photos of your creations in the service – I am going to collate them all into a video, if you want to make and send a video of them instead, feel free!

Looking forward to seeing your creations!


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Worth Valley Churches take to the internet!

News Release from Worth Valley Churches Together

A group of Worth Valley Christian Churches have employed 21st Century technology to deliver their age-old message during the Covid-19 crisis.
Not being able to worship at Church during crisis has been a major problem for many Christians in the Worth Valley. But, a group of three Anglican churches and a Baptist church have now gone a long way towards solving that issue for their congregations.
They have been generating not only services but also offering a host of other supporting activities on line!
Using their networking experiences through the Churches Together in the Worth Valley team, the Haworth and Cross Roads Anglican parishes together with West Lane Baptist Church have combined to deliver a 30-minute pre-recorded joint service of worship through the social media site, Facebook for the last two lock-down months.
Led by Haworth Parish Curate Rev. Anthony Bennett and Baptist Minister Rev. Chris Upton, the regular services soon started to attract a wide and appreciative audience.
They always knew that there was also a spiritual need to be connected to the services for the people within the Christian community who were not connected to the social media platform, but with advice from Haworth-based IT expert John Sargent, services are now being relayed to YouTube from where they embedded on their respective websites as well.
Rev. Upton said: “As time has gone by we became increasingly aware that there are many people in our districts who could not see our service and we wanted to address that issue.
“After our team’s work with John, now anybody who is internet connected in Cross Roads, Haworth and Stanbury, as well as further afield, can tune in to our service.”
Rev. Bennett said: “Our service programmes often have contributions from the Methodist and Catholic churches, along with many members of the community are not affiliated to any church at all. And, so far the service has proved very popular which is why we wanted to extend the offering to a wider audience.”
“Having it embedded on front page of our websites is a major development as our service is now just ‘one click’ away and it extends our offering beyond that of Facebook. The service is now going ‘live’ on all the church websites every Sunday.”
The inter-church group also provides a dial-in version through a local-rate phone number as well, so no computer is required.
At any point you can call 01535 286387 to hear the latest Sunday service. It works as a normal local number, and so will be included in some call packages, or charged at a local rate if not. All being well the service will be updated by 10:30am on the Sunday Morning.

Notes to editors:

Website details: For Cross Roads Parish Church click on: For Haworth Parish and Stanbury Churches click on:; and for West Lane Baptist Church click on:
For more details of Cross Roads, Haworth and Stanbury Churches please contact: Rev. Peter Mullins: Tel 01535 648464 or e-mail: For West Lane Baptist Church please contact: Rev. Chris Upton Tel: 07976 287117 or e-mail:

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We’ve updated today telling of a newsletter (belatedly enclosing a Palm Cross) which will soon be coming to a hundred and twenty households, new uses for the church porches at St James’ and St Michael’s, a mid-week video reflection and song coming to our two parishes’ websites tomorrow to replace the concert which would have been held in St Michael’s that day, and thoughts and a prayer for Ascension Day on Thursday.

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