Lent and charities

In these parishes’ prayers for each other through this Lent, we’ve reached, for the second part of this week, our involvement in charities.  Being a trustee of some major organisations elsewhere featured often among the things fifty members of our congregations said they were doing.  Several people are involved at Manorlands Hospice and another helps arrange breaks in beautiful places for the terminally ill.  Helping at the annual Christian Aid Shop (coming up soon – goods and volunteers welcome for 12-19 May!) and donating to charities were mentioned.  Some of the baking and craft work other people mentioned is also for charities.  

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Fig trees and community

And in our continued Lent praying for each other’s Christian discipleship, for the second half of this week our focus is on those who ensure our village infrastructure flourishes: members of our congregations  who are members of the Parish Council, trustees of local charities or school governors, and anything from being Friends of Cross Roads Park or running Haworth Tennis Club to being involved with Brontë Spirit (which runs the Old School Room), Cross Roads Gala, Scouts, Rotary and W.I.  

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Lent and companions

For the first part of this week it will be those who care for, help and visit friends and neighbours for whom we will be praying. Shared eating, socialising, ‘being a voice of reason’, calling to see a lady who cannot now drive, shopping for a neighbour, and visiting a friend recovering from breast cancer, were among the things our fifty sample people reported. A small group will be reflecting on being ‘companions’ on Wednesday 20 May both at 10.15 a.m. at St James’ and at 7.30 p.m. at 78 Prince Street.

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Lent and keeping fit

For the second part of this week, those taking part in our Lent activities are moving on to pray for the large number of members of our congregations who hike, ramble, run and walk, who take exercise at a Bowling Club, diving, at exercise classes, at keep-fit sessions, line dancing, sailing, swimming, physio, tap-dancing, toddler gymnastics and yoga, and for those for whom travelling ‘meeting new people’ and ‘visiting new places’ are important – and for those for whom these things are difficult or impossible.  It would be interesting to make a list of all the sporting clubs or opportunities across Cross Roads and Haworth for which we might pray as well.

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Lent and family life

For the first part of this week, those taking part in our Lent activities are praying for each other as Christian disciples in family lives.  This was the second biggest category of answers when we asked fifty people about where they spend their time.  Strikingly, helping look after grandchildren was mentioned most often.  Quite a number of others are caring for and supporting sick or elderly children, partners and parents.  Distinctive words included ‘being there’, ‘home making’, enjoying, loving and visiting.  There may also be more troubled relationships and loneliness which others were less willing to write down.  Small groups will be meeting to reflect a bit about this at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday at 78 Prince Street repeated at 10.15 a.m. on Wednesday at St James’; for our Bible Study we will look at 1 Timothy 5.   

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