Swapping for Unity

Rev. Julie Roberts and Rev. Peter Mullins who will be part of this Sunday’s pulpit swop.

There is  to be a ‘pulpit swop’ for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Haworth churches this coming Sunday (January 21st).  Nick Drury (West Lane Baptist Church) will preach at St Gabriel’s in Stanbury, Maurice Baren (Lees Methodist Church, Cross Roads) at St James’, Cross Roads and David McAloon (local Methodist Minister) at St Michael’s and All Angles, Haworth: Peter Mullins is preaching at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church and Julie Roberts at West Lane Baptist Church. Peter Handley is preaching at Lees Methodist Church (which doesn’t have a morning service this Sunday) on Sunday, January 28th to complete the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ‘pulpit swop’


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