What do Christians believe?

An informal “enquirers group” is about to begin

There will be six relaxed evenings to hear a little and talk a little as people wish beginning with the four questions people ask most often and finishing with any questions people might come with at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesdays at Peter and Deborah Mullins’ home at 78 Prince Street.

13th June You can’t believe in Adam and Eve can you?
How we might trust that we know things about God
20th June If God is good, why do people suffer?
Why the life of Jesus of Nazareth makes a difference
27th June What about ghosts and things?
How God may be active in and around us today
4th July Aren’t Christians all really hypocrites?
Why the church ought to make more of a difference
11th July Continuing the exploration
18th July Continuing the exploration

Many churches run what are called Alpha Courses or Enquirers’ Groups. Our six evenings will be more informal and less pressurised than that. We will discover what people want to explore as we go along.
The subjects for the fifth and sixth evenings may emerge during the first four evenings.

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