Gathering things together in one place on 14 and 15 June

Refugee Week begins today, so our prayers are with all those displaced around the world.  Deborah Mullins was involved in organising Bradford’s Refugee Week exhibitions in previous years and this year’s organisers have asked particularly that her work be displayed is a small gallery in a shop at 58 Kirkgate in the City Centre open on Monday 14 June 4.00-7.00, Tuesday 15 June 11.00-3.00 and Saturday 19 June 11.00-3.00.

St Michael’s worship next Sunday (20 June) is All Age Worship.  The theme is the boy David’s harp and we’ve just had an offer of a real harpist to come and play.  You could draw, make, bake or somehow create something harp shaped to bring along to show us.  You could reply with a suggestion about music which has calmed one of you (on a baby’s mobile or at any later point in your lives) – we might play a few clips as we think about the story of David’s playing music to calm agitated King Saul.

Latest news. Our next big step forward is that the Friends’ of the Bronte Church have announced that they can again steward some opening time for the church: 12.00 noon – 3.30 p.m. on Tuesdays (beginning 22 June), Wednesdays (beginning 23 June) and Sundays (not 27 June, but beginning the following week 4 July).  Our thanks to them!

Our weekly on-line video Sunday Worship may have to cease after this Sunday.  Each takes a couple of days to create and edit, and the three of us who have been doing this no longer have lots of spare time isolating at home, and we also find one or other of us is likely to be on holiday in any week in July and August.  But we are looking at what we can manage.

The expected delay in final lockdown release after that means that we will continue with masks, social distancing and so on as our regular services continue, remaining deeply sad we can’t sing and that we can’t simply leave St Michael’s open and unattended during the day.  Our Parochial Church Council meets for the first time in ages at the end of the month (Wednesday 30 June) and we do hope to make positive plans then.  

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