Help needed from our young people and children!

As well as being Pentecost next Sunday, it’s also West Lane Baptist Church’s Sunday School Anniversary, so we have an exciting opportunity to celebrate the roles our young people and children play in the life of our church community across the Worth Valley!

In our weekly 10.30 Sunday service (on 31st May) there’ll be opportunities for our younger friends to read from the Bible, write and/or say prayers. If you’d like to jump straight in and do some activities, follow the instructions below from Hannah Hickman, who is working with Rev Anthony Bennett to provide our online ActiveZone resources and activities.

If you’d like to join in with reading and/or prayers please email Anthony before Friday morning (29th May) at or text him on 07917165178.

Message from Hannah @ActiveZone

Hi everyone,

The service theme is Pentecost, where one of the readings includes the line “the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house… All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them”

Would you like to do a couple of things for me, on this theme, it would be fantastic if you could. You can do both, or just one of them:

1. Create a Blow Painting – like this one:
Displaying Blow-Painting-with-a-Straw-Square-680.png
– Mix some water into your paint to make it runny.
– Put a blob of the paint mixture in the middle of the paper.
– Blow the paint using your straw to make a spiky pattern.
– You can add details to it, using pen, after the paint has dried
Be creative!

2. Make a pin wheel – like this one
Displaying kc_pinwheel-393x360.jpg
– Start out by cutting two identical squares from paper or card.
– You can leave the squares plain or colour and draw some patterns or designs onto them
– Cut out both paper squares.
– Glue the undecorated sides of the squares together. Remember to apply glue not just along the edges, but on the entire back area of the squares.
– Cut along the 4 diagonals of the square. Cut the square halfway to the centre.
– Gather the four corners towards the centre without creasing the paper. You may glue the ends in place or just hold them together with your hand as you do the next step.
– Insert a pin at the centre. If you did not glue the ends of the paper in Step 6, the pin should hold all four ends together. Wiggle the pin around to make the hole a bit larger.
– Push the pin onto a pencil’s eraser. Don’t push on too tight to allow the pinwheel to spin more freely. *As an option, you may put a bead or small button between the paper and the eraser. This helps the pinwheel rotate better and prevents the pin’s point from going through the other side of the eraser.
– Finally, try blowing at the edges of the pinwheel to make it spin. Loosen the pin a bit if the blades do not rotate well.

If you can email some photos of your creations and any thoughts you have while making them, that would be fantastic. Please send before Friday morning (29th May) to

We’ll include the photos of your creations in the service – I am going to collate them all into a video, if you want to make and send a video of them instead, feel free!

Looking forward to seeing your creations!


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