Joy and sorrow: Christmas Communion and Deborah Mullins

Here again are the Christmas Communion times, each designed to be Covid-safe with masks (please) and careful distancing.

An on-line ‘Christmas Midnight Service’ video will be available here from Christmas Eve (our weekly Sunday on-line service released a few days early this week).

3.00 p.m. on Christmas Eve at St James’, Cross Roads

11.30 p.m. (‘Midnight’) on Christmas Eve at St Michael’s, Haworth

9.30 a.m. on Christmas Day at St Gabriel’s, Stanbury (space limited so best to tell 645102 that you are coming)

11.00 a.m. on Christmas Day at St Michael’s, Haworth

10.30 a.m. on Wednesday 30 December at St James’, Cross Roads

The heavy news is that Deborah Mullins died at her home at Haworth Rectory on Sunday morning at the end of a year’s illness.  Her funeral will be in two parts.  There is a strict legal limit of thirty people on the number who can attend and the immediate family will take half these places. 

But a few friends can be accommodated at one or other of the services, and a representative sample of those who might otherwise have come would be really very welcome, so do e-mail if you’d like to find out whether there is room. 

The Bishop of Bradford will receive her coffin into St Michael’s late afternoon on Tuesday 29 December, conduct the first half of a simple funeral service, allowing her then to rest overnight there. 

She will travel on to Brocklands Woodland Burial site the following morning (Wednesday 30 December) and the remaining part of the simple funeral service and burial will take place there; we hope soon to make it widely know at what time the hearse will leave St Michael’s (now fixed for 10.10) and at what time it will pass St James’ (now fixed for 10.20) that day; the regular mid-week Communion at St James’ follows at 10.30.

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