Venturesome days

Next Sunday (29th September) is St Michael’s Day – so 11.00 a.m. Morning Worship will celebrate that (and share some of the thinking about the sense of direction for all three of our churches developed at a recent Benefice Forum).

The following day (30th September) work begins on the major re-wiring of the building. We will try to keep it open as much as possible over the following nine weeks – but we are afraid it will certainly have to be closed to visitors for some days in the week beginning 29th September (as scaffolding goes in and the high level work is begun) – but which days this will be keep changing.

The following Sunday (6th October) we will discover what it is like having 11.00 Morning Worship in a building site – it will be our Harvest Festival.

And we are sorry the clock has stopped! The flag got loose and, heavy with rain, wrapped itself round one of the clockfaces, bending the hands and griding things to a halt. We are working to get it running again with three of the four clockfaces showing the right time (although the one damaged clockface will remain wrong until we can get it properly and more expensively repaired).
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